KEYNOTE: The Myth of Multitasking: Increase Your Value and Ability to Manage Change With the Power of Hidden Time!

What could you do with a 20% increase in productivity? With wit and wisdom, Dave will show you and your staff how to find extra time at work, without having to work weekends. You’ll learn how to uncover precious minutes and hours—that add up to extra DAYS! —hiding right under your noses. Not only that, Dave will show you how to make that time COUNT with his truly unique brand of wit and wisdom.


• Why multitasking slows you down and what to do about it

• Why more than one work week of every month is completely wasted

• How to focus on your most valuable activities

• How to respond to workplace interruptions

• How to take control of technology, including email and smartphones

• How to budget your time and lower your stress

• How to grow your career and still have time for family and friends

• And much more…


This keynote by best-selling author and motivational speaker Dave Crenshaw you will not want to miss at the Abrigo ThinkBIG 2019 Conference.